Mission Statement

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield provide programs that guide and direct youth from all backgrounds, particularly those from at-risk environments. Through social, physical, and educational development activities, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield teach youth the values of life, strengthen their self-esteem, and make them better citizens of our community.



about the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield:

In order to meet our mission’s goals, we offer opportunities for club members to participate in a variety of character-building activities, such as: field trips, leadership training, education and technology, community service, special events, mentoring, and sports (including swimming, basketball, flag football, golf, tennis). These are in addition to many other opportunities, along with educational support for students on the path to college.

REGISTER ONLINE or in person at the Boys & Girls Club that corresponds with with your child’s school. The summer months are also full of activity, open to children Monday thru Friday from 7:30am to 5:30 pm. And since transportation to and from the Clubs is provided by parents or guardians during the summer months, they have the ability to select the Club location most convenient for them.

Any child, age 6-18, is welcome in our program.

During the school year, the Clubs are open Monday thru Friday, 3:00 – 8:00pm, with the exception of Tuesdays, on which we close at 6:30pm.

Your child can attend as much or little as is best for your family’s schedule. The cost for the school semester is $45 per child, with a $5 registration fee to cover lanyard and ID tag.

We have at least four full-time professional Directors at each location, as well as many part-time professionals. Our staff is well-trained in appropriate areas of child leadership. We are a Club, not a day care center.

You can call the numbers below for more specific registration details, as each Club location handles its own registration.

There are amazing opportunities for youth of all ages at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield!


To better serve our youth, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield will:

  • Strive for equal opportunity and foster respect for human dignity.
  • Prepare youth to live in a richly diverse society through planned programs and services, which are supported by an organizational posture and policies based on total equality and representation at all levels of operation.
  • Initiate and promote services which enhance the quality of life.
  • Provide programs and services, both new and proven that are relevant to changing needs, with primary emphasis on optimal youth development and involvement.
  • Strengthen its role as spokesman for youth.
  • Develop a strong voice on behalf of youth and take the initiative to form and/or join alliances with other national and local organizations to support positive programs aimed at correcting those conditions which severely inhibit youth development.