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There are many ways to give. None have a greater impact than the gift of your time.

One of the best volunteer opportunities in Springfield MO is spending time with kids at the Boys and Girls Club, like the man in this picture teaching a girl how to golf.

Individual Opportunities

As little as one hour per week can have a very real impact on the life of a child. Each Club offers opportunities to work directly with youth as mentors, tutors, sports referees and coaches, and teachers.

If you have a special talent you'd like to share, just let us know. The time of greatest need for intentional, regular volunteers is during the middle-late afternoon hours.

Group/Corporate Opportunities

We also welcome corporations and other organizations seeking one-day, project-based volunteer opportunities. Short-term projects and single event opportunities do occasionally arise. So, if you are unable to make a long-term commitment, you can still get involved.

Volunteering with the Clubs

Find out about Club Blue

How it works

We strive to keep information up to date, but general info may change due to COVID-19 protections.

At Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield, we are proud of our excellent reputation as a safe haven for youth. Therefore, all volunteers must complete an application, pass a background check, and read the volunteer handbook prior to being oriented and participating.

First and foremost, we require that all potential volunteers look over the following PDF documents. These items will give you an overall understanding of the Clubs’ opportunities, as well as a rundown of rules that must be followed in the best interest of you, the BGCS, and most importantly, the kids we are helping.

To receive more information concerning specific Club Program opportunities, contact the unit where you wish to volunteer once you are approved.

Individuals or groups interested in serving: We are currently accepting new volunteers by email.

Please email Jeff Long, Director of Operations, at

Spring/Summer 2021

Student Volunteer Opportunities

If you are majoring in a field where either administrative or sports experience would be beneficial, we offer volunteering opportunities in our Sports Program and Admin Office as well.

For more information, please contact Tyler Robertson at or call (417) 862-9249 ext 103.

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