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Scholarship Spotlight

Say “hello” to this month’s scholarship recipient spotlight, Kelley! Not only does BGCS provide scholarships for its members, but it also provides scholarships for its dedicated staff! Kelley has been a Youth Development Professional at the Stalnaker Unit for eight years!

When she joined the Club team, she had graduated college the year prior, but found herself perplexed, feeling she was no closer to truly knowing what she wanted to “be.” She was terrified of the idea that she might want to return to college. “After-all, I had tried that already, hadn’t I?” she said to herself. But through her work at BGCS, Kelley found her passion for helping kids succeed. She knew this is what she wanted to do with her future, so she took the plunge and returned to college!


Kelley is attending Missouri State University for her post-baccalaureate teaching certification in K-12 art education. She’ll soon begin her student teaching, and become one step closer to achieving her goal.

Kelley says the BGCS scholarship program has been a wonderful opportunity.

“One of the first things I share with coworkers when the topic of school comes up, is how much the BGC scholarship allows the student to focus on their studies more fully,” she says.

For Kelley, the Club scholarship relieves financial stress and has allowed her to focus on achieving her dreams and making a difference in the lives of youth.

We are so grateful the many donors who support the BGCS scholarship program.

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