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Mission to Mentor

Looking for a way to invest time and make a difference? Think about becoming a mentor!

Our community has a higher percentage of at-risk youth than the state or national averages, and thus a great need to turn that trend and make a positive impact for the future by being a MENTOR.  

What our Mentors and Mentees are Saying:

“How old do you have to be to become a mentor?”  -Griffin Tyger, (7 year mentee of Judge David Rush, at age 16, now wants to give back)

“It was through Mission to Mentor that I really saw the need.  Intellectually I understood about kids needing role models and having a place to go, but it didn’t really hit home until I was a mentor and then it got into my heart.”   - Judge David Rush, mentor since 2011

“I’ve had the opportunity to learn about the Boys & Girls Clubs, and I believe in your mission. If I can spend one hour a week to make a child feel important, and possibly make a positive difference in her life, then it is time well spent.” - Heather Scranton, General Council Assemblies of God Human Resources, mentor since 2015

“I want to help a child learn that life isn’t fair and how to react to unfair situations,.. how to treat people with compassion.” - Cash Williams, KTTS PM Drive Radio Host, mentor since 2015

“I am just willing to be there.  I wish many more people in Springfield could get that it is so easy to mentor these kids and make an impact just by showing up.” -Paul McGrath, business professional, mentor since 2013

“I'm retiring after 38 years with Cox and I wonder if you have a place for me as a volunteer? -Dr. Marc Wittmer, retired surgeon, mentor since 2017

“When’s Grace going to be here?” - Jacqui, mentee at Sertoma Unit

“I want to be a mentor because my life has been impacted b a mentor, so I want to be able to make a difference like that in someone else’s life” Emily Terry, Evangel University student, mentor since 2015

“I believe it is our responsibility as a society to do the best we can for our children. So many kids struggle just to get by. In my own life, there have been those who have reached a hand out and it is now my duty and privilege to freely give what was freely given to me.” - Jenney Gerischer, nursing student, Mercy employee and mentor since 2018.

“I want to help young people succeed in life.” - Conrad Griggs, Business Development Officer, The Bank of Missouri, mentor since 2016

“By being a mentor you have the chance to change someone’s life for the better.” - Lindsay Hall, USTA Tennis, mentor since 2017

“Can I mentor two mentees at the same time?” - Dr. John Cisna, retired physician, mentor since 2017

For more information, contact Mentor Coordinator, Debbie Herren, at or call (417) 862-9249. Thank you!

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sample Mentoring Application Form for Potential Mentors:


Mentoring Application Forms for our Club Members: