Mental health and behavioral services

Specialists:  Season  (Stalnaker),  Renee  (Sertoma),  Heather  (Musgrave), and  Markus  (Henderson).

Specialists: Season (Stalnaker), Renee (Sertoma), Heather (Musgrave), and Markus (Henderson).

Burrell Behavioral Health is proud to partner with Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield to provide community-based services at each of the four Clubs in order to focus on prevention and wellness of children and families served.

Each Club location has an assigned Burrell Community Support Specialist (CSS) who works in the Community Psychiatric Rehabilitation (CPR) program at Burrell.

A CSS worker can help a child/parent learn skills to address various areas of need including but not limited to: Anger problems, Self-esteem, Social skills, School issues, Communication skills, Stress Management, Time management, Hygiene issues, Following directions/attention issues, Organizational Skills, Problem solving skills, Decision making skills and Managing symptoms related to anxiety or depression. A CSS worker is not a therapist.

A CSS can also help a family access resources in the community including but not limited to: Medicaid, Social Security, utility assistance, food assistance, and healthcare needs.  

In consultation with Boys & Girls Club staff, the CSS’s role in the Club will be primarily supporting Club staff to make your child’s experience at the Club as positive as possible. Activities that the CSS may engage in at the Club include: brief 1-on-1 sessions with a child to address an immediate need in one of the areas listed above, consultation with staff on how to best deal with an issue/problem that a child is having that day, and assisting families in connecting with medical and mental health services in the community.

The CSS can talk to you about the benefits of enrolling a child in CPR services if your child is having difficulty in any of the areas listed above, with these difficulties are affecting how well they are doing at school and/or at home. If your child is enrolled in CPR services, the CSS will be able to work with your child at the Club on a regular basis to teach and reinforce skills that will help your child effectively deal with the identified problem areas.

The CSS will also need to come to your home (1-2 x/week) to work on these areas, as well as coordinate with other providers including your child’s school.

If you have any questions, please ask Club staff about contact the CSS assigned to your child’s Club location.