June Mentoring Field Trip: US District Court

The U.S. District Court was the destination for a recent Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield Mission to Mentor field trip. Judge David Rush and his staff hosted the event, allowing our mentees and mentors the opportunity to ask questions about the court process, with one club member telling the judge, "My dad has been in jail here before".

The interesting and interactive opportunities were many as we had a pre-tour visit with Judge Rush, toured the courtroom, witnessed a hearing, toured the martial area where U.S. District Marshalls Jessica, JR, and Story, offered hands-on experiences with keys, cuffs, leg irons, stun guns, flak jacket, technology and more.

Judge Rush explained the process of a hearing and then we witnessed the person being charged with a crime as he was told that he must make better choices in order to change the course of his life. Judge Rush told the mentees to plan to go to college now, no matter what age they are, and to never do drugs.  He explained that drugs and alcohol are mind-altering and will make them think they are safe when they aren’t.  He said that they are addictive and will likely put them into situations where they will be exposed to more of the same and ultimately leads to trouble, regret and negative consequences, including jail or prison.

Judge Rush encouraged the club members to stay involved in the Clubs where they have great staff and friends to encourage them and many life-changing opportunities. Thank you Judge Rush, Randy, Jessica, J.R., and Story for a very engaging and informative life experience for our young mentees.