The Club is a Second Home

When Ana Herrin (11) started going to the club, she was 5 years old. She remembers going into Dance & Fitness for the first time and doing Freeze Dance. At this point, she knew that she was in love with the Club. Since then, Ana has earned two very special awards while at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield-Stalnaker Unit. Those awards are for being elected Mayor by her peers at the Stalnaker Unit and the 2015 Member of the Year award.

Ana says “The Boys & Girls Club helps me with my grades. I can do homework here with help from the tutors and staff. The choir and piano lessons let me learn how to become more talented with music. The Club gives me a lot of opportunities by being a place where I can go to things like Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas Dinner, Christmas to Remember, Field Trips, and Banquet of Champions. Many of my friends at school don’t have that opportunity. They go home, do their homework and go to bed. I get to go to the club, sing, dance, do gymnastics, talk to friends and staff, eat dinner, and just have fun! The club is like home. The Boys & Girls Club is my home. “

Ana is a very strong young girl. She has went through much more than many people her age.  She says “When my mom passed away, I had to go through a lot. I went through a lot of counseling. I was able to do that at my school and at my club. People didn’t think that the club could help me so much, but it did. It’s not counseling, but it really helped me because it’s like home to me and I was able to grow through the things I did every day. No body tried to make me feel a certain way they just loved me for who I am.  The Club is my family.”

Through her opportunities at the Club, the staff have seen her grown in the areas of Music, Academics, Healthy Lifestyles and Good Character & Citizenship. Ana is one of the top members at the Club. She attends almost every day and is always participating in activities to the fullest and finding ways to make the Club a better place for all! 

Josh Stewart