The Heritage Club

What is the Heritage Club?

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield want to guarantee that our children have a bright future. For many years now, we have participated in Planned Giving to support the future of our children. Planned Giving is any type of future gift given as opposed to a current gift. A planned giving gift typically takes place at the death of a donor, where there is tax or estate planning involved with the gift being much larger than a current gift. The Great Futures Committee is responsible for promoting planned giving and growing our endowment.

The Heritage Club committee is chaired by Gary Powell, and our current members are Billy Hixon, Dean Young, John Piatchek, Andy Peebles, Pat Gartland, Chris Whitehead and Savannah Jackson.

Our endowment fund is now over 11 million dollars with 4.5% interest being paid to the Club for current expenditures. The Great Futures Committee is also responsible for promoting membership to the Heritage Club, which involves anyone who has made a deferred gift of $10,000 or more. We have nearly 80 members and are one of the top Boys & Girls Clubs in the nation that participate in the Heritage Club.

How can I join the heritage club?

member statements

john piatchek.png

"I have chosen to participate in Planned Giving and work with the Great Futures Committee because of the impact we can have on the Club many years after we are long gone. I will forever be indebted to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield for the passion the Club has helped build within my son for the game of basketball and the bond it has helped create between us. I will be leaving half of my estate to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield."
- John Piatchek

John is a former board president and current board member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield. He is the founder of Piatchek and Associates, offering financial planning services to many here in the Springfield community. For more information, visit

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"My older brother Pat’s inspiring life long commitment to the Boys and Girls Clubs provided me an introduction to their services as a boy. I participated in the Club’s basketball program and later, as a young man, I became a staff member during my summers while obtaining my college degree.

Since then I have participated as a volunteer, corporate foundation advocate, and personal donor. It was natural that when my wife Trish and I sat down to plan our estate that we would give to the long term viability and success of Club's mission to provide 'a positive place for kids' and to 'put young people on the path to great futures'.” - Tim Gartland


Tim is a blues musician based out of Nashville, TN. For more information and to sample his music, visit