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Henderson Unit

835 W Calhoun | 417.869.4111

School Pick-up from: Bissett, Bowerman, Boyd, Central, Hillcrest. Pipkin, Reed, Watkins, Weaver, Williams,

Summer Program Serves: Bowerman. Reed.

Musgrave Unit

720 S Park | 417.869.8211

School Pick-up from: Campbell, Carver, Central, Jarrett, Mark Twain, McGregor, Parkview. Pipkin, Portland, Sunshine, Westport, York,

Summer Program Serves: Campbell, Jarrett, McGregor,  Parkview. York,


Sertoma unit

2524 S Golden Ave | 417.523.3880

The Sertoma Unit only serves children who attend the Sherwood Elementary.

Stalnaker unit

1410 N Fremont Ave | 417.865.2821

School Pick-up from: Bingham, Central, Field, Fremont, Glendale, Hickory Hills, Pershing, Pipkin, Pittman, Pleasant View, Reed, Robberson, Rountree, Sequiota, Truman. Weller. Wilder.

Summer Program Serves: Fremont. Robberson, Reed,