Basketball Gymnasium Advertising

1 Sign – $325.00 Per Year
2 Signs – $550.00 Per Year
3 Signs – $650.00 Per Year

Each sign will have a two-year contract after which the contract will run year to year. The contract begins the day the sign is put up on the fields.

If the sign is damaged in any way during the first two years the Boys and Girls Club, will recondition or replace the sign at no cost.

The sign will be 4′ X 8′ and may have two colors, any additional coloring or graphic work may cost extra.

In the basketball gymnasium they will be displayed just a few feet from the floor. This should be taken into consideration when deciding how much information to put on the sign.

The sign will be hung up during the months of the season and will be kept up during any additional fall or spring sporting event.

Please call Mike Ray at (417) 865-2821 ext 105.