Summer 2017 Registration

Summer 2017 Registration

A $35 deposit (applied to your first month) and $10 fee for Registration and t-shirt are required per child before your child is considered registered. If you cannot pay the $45 online you must come into the Club within 5 business days in order to make the payment.

If you pay the Summer in Full before April 17, 2017 you will be given a $45 discount bringing your bill down to $375 per child. The discount only applies if you are signing your child up for the entire summer May-August. You still need to also pay the $10 registration fee, which includes a summer t-shirt, Club lanyard and one membership card.

If you will not be attending a specific month, you must call the Club so we can adjust your account. If you attend one day in a month, you must pay for the entire month.

 Henderson Unit Register Now

The Henderson Unit will serve the following Summer Schools:

Reed & Bowerman

 Musgrave Unit Register Now

The Musgrave Unit will serve the following Summer Schools:

York, Jarrett, McGregor, Campbell, Parkview

  Stalnaker Unit Register now

The Stalnaker Unit will serve the following Summer Schools:

Robberson, Reed, Fremont, Parkview

Sertoma Unit Register now

Sherwood Elementary

Sertoma is open only during Summer School at Sherwood Elementary (June & July).  If you need our services in May & August please contact the Sertoma Unit so we can get you placed at one of our other Clubs.  Additional Fees will be charged to your account if you choose to attend one of our other Clubs.

 Click here to access our Parent Handbook

 Location Contact Information:

HENDERSON UNIT   (Grant Beach Park) (Grant & Calhoun)

835 W. Calhoun, Springfield 65802

Phone: 417-869-4111

MUSGRAVE UNIT (Zagonyi Park)  (Kansas & Mt. Vernon)

720 S. Park, Springfield 65802

Phone: 417-869-8211

SERTOMA UNIT (Attached to Sherwood Elementary)

2524 S. Golden, Springfield, MO 65807

Phone: 417-523-3880


1410 N. Fremont, Springfield 65802

Phone: 417-865-2821