Our Mission and More About Us

Raven Augustine - 2016 Youth of the Year

Raven Augustine – 2016 Youth of the Year

Mission Statement

To provide programs that guide and direct youth from all backgrounds with special concern for those from at-risk circumstances. Through social, physical and educational development activities, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield teaches youth the values of life, strengthens their self-esteem and makes them better citizens of our community.

More about the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield: 

In order to meet the goals of our mission, we offer opportunities for club members to participate in a variety of character-building activities, such as: sports (including swimming, basketball, flag football, golf, tennis); field trips;  leadership training; education and technology; community service; special events; mentoring;  and many other opportunities, including educational support on the path to college through the clubs!

You can get registration forms on the REGISTER tab, and must then register in person at the unit that picks up at your child’s school.  During the school year, we pick up at over 30 public schools in Springfield.  We offer a very active and amazing summer program Monday-Friday from 7:30am – 5:30pm. For the summer, parents can register their children at any unit that is convenient for their situation (the clubs do not provide transportation in the summer except for field trips to and from the clubs).

Children ages 6-18 can be part of our program, there is no specific criteria required.  We have a diversity of children from all over Springfield and surrounding communities.

Our units are open M-F 3-8 p.m. during the school year (close at 6:30pm on Tuesdays).  Your child can attend as much or little as is best for your family’s schedule.  The cost for the school semester is $40 per child, with a $5 registration fee per child to cover lanyard and ID tag.

We have at least four full-time professional Directors in each unit, as well as many part-time professionals.   Our staff is well-trained in appropriate areas of child leadership. We are a Club and not a day care center.

You can call the numbers below for more specific registration details, as each unit handles their own registration.

There are amazing opportunities for youth of all ages at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Springfield!

Henderson Unit
835 W. Calhoun Avenue
Musgrave Unit
720 S. Park Avenue
Sertoma Unit
2524 S. Golden Avenue
Stalnaker Unit
1410 N. Fremont Avenue