About Us

The general purpose of the Boys & Girls Club is to promote the health, social educational, vocational, and character development of youth. It provides wholesome leisure time activities and guidance under trained leadership.

These features give the Boys & Girls Club an uniqueness in the field of youth work:

The traditional special concern of the Boys & Girls Club is with youth from low income families. Many Boys & Girls Clubs serve youth from other economic levels, but they make certain to include the poorer youth.

Except in small communities, Boys & Girls Clubs generally are located in low income areas. Cost of membership is low so that it is within the reach of every youth on an equal basis and even so the least interested youth will be encouraged to try membership.

The Club is generally open every week-day afternoon and evening to all its members.

The Club is non-sectarian in management and membership.

The facilities are planned for and used primarily by youth.

The program has a wide variety of activities so as to fit the needs and interests of every youth.

Leaders use organized and unorganized group and individual approaches in providing service and guidance in behavior and attitudes.